Tuesday, December 23

simple steps managing stress


I got this from a friend and I guess it is worth sharing with all of you

Below are some simple steps or guidance in managing our life

Interesting.. If only we can put half of it into practice, we are half way
there to a stress-free life !!

1. Love yourself completely.
2. Live in the present.
Face life with dignity.
4. Stop waiting "until..."
5. Journal your thoughts and feelings. [this is what i am doing now ;) ]
6. Keep track of your accomplishments.
7. Set realistic and attainable goals.
8. Accept constructive criticism from others.
9. Choose your friends wisely.
10. Be honest about how you feel.
11. Ask for what you need and want.
12. Make friends with people who like themselves.
13. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
14. Emphasize your strengths and minimize your weaknesses.
15. Let other people run their lives.
16. Give permission to yourself to be afraid of failure and success.
17. Develop your personal talents and skills.
18. Learn to accept what you cannot change.
19. Get proper nutrition.
20. Get sufficient rest. [i think i have more than enough! huh ]
21. Exercise regularly.
22. Stop talking about your miseries.
23. Talk about your strengths and assets.
24. Think positively.
Have fun.
Be playful.
27. Learn from children.
Do something exciting.
29. Stop blaming others for your misfortunes.
30. Take responsibility for your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
31. Dress in a way that feels good for you.
32. Encourage others to be the best they can be.
33. Stop assuming that others cannot get along without you.
34. Stop feeling good only when doing for others.
Do something you'd really like to do for YOU.
36. Share responsibilities. [huh? so who wants to share with me? ngee~ ]
Read a good book.
38. Listen to people.
Vary your routine. [owh.. this is what i really shoul do!]
Curl up on the couch and watch a great movie.

have a great day, everyone!

Thank you for reading ~!

6 thought(s):

apei budak kampung said... Reply To This Comment

aku baca entri ni pun dah rasa stress mcm mana nak manage stress ni? hehe

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

hoh ye ke? tu maksudnye ko xleh gne yg simple steps.
ko kne cr buku stress management yg btol arrr

MOHD. ADHA BIN MOHD. ZAIN said... Reply To This Comment

salam... visit & add my blog : www.myadha.com

Farhana. said... Reply To This Comment

hehehe...helo sis...
im here with azam baru....

i like this entry...it helps me so much...

miss u kak nadea!! :)

::SRISUFI:: said... Reply To This Comment


no stress....

no tensen...

baguih nadea....

artikel yang best...

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

~thanx.. nnti sy link ye..

~hoho..windu smae kamu juge! teroskan berblog okeh!!

~thanks..sbb nad tgh stress so kne la wt entry cmni. heheh ;)

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