Thursday, September 11

i dream my dreams

Salam y’all…

Lately NAD rajin mem’blog’kan diri.. u know what ni da 3rd time I draft taw.. 2 drafts before ni sume xjd.. hahaha..

Actually nothing interesting.. just wanna share part of my dreams.. yeah PART of it. Not ALL ye.. hee ;)
Since my childhood time I always dream to go oversea.. dlu2 berangan la nk further study disqualified so wht to do kan.. haha ;)
But now, as I grow older I’m no longer dreaming of it…oopppsss mark my word! I’m no longer dreaming of further study oversea.. BUT still berangan nk g oversea, this time, nk BEKERJA plak.. yeah… bkn ape, nawaitu utk wat master mmg ade… but then when I think how much loan I have to pay, hurm.. forget it la! Baik NAD settle kan dulu PTPTN ni.. alhamdullilah since I graduated I x pernah missed byr.. more than Rm2k I’ve paid. Ye la. Xtahan tgk admin cost tu increasing taw. U know what the admin cost is compounding! I bet for those who study in finance would know how much it will cost if we delay our payment. So its better to start from now even bayar sikit pn cukup. Lor.. ape plak melalut psl PTPTN lak ni.. hehe

Back to the track.. yup.. NAD skarang tgh berangan nk berkerja kt oversea preferably in middle east.. before ni memang nk g oversea tp slalu brangan g uk ke, us ke.. xpernah terlintas pn nk g middle east. Tp sejak NAD blaja psl Islamic Banking early of this year, then I’ve second thoughts, I would prefer middle east rather than west.. tp kalo ade offer bley consider lg. heh! Even now I attach with non-islamic bank, but I still waiting for the opportunity to come. Who knows.. next year really gonna b my year. Tmbah plak one of my besties br je pegi ke UAE last week. Die contract kt sane for 2 years. Phew! Envy taw! Tp xpe tu rezeki die. Well I’m happy for her.. go farah!

Tp kan kwn2.. kalo la NAD dpt peluang tu, NAD ttp reluctant. Plak dah! Bkn ape, family bleh lg contact kan. Tp cmne dgn kucing? NAD xbley nk imagine skang cmne life without them.. without kiki,nonen,leo,baby & tom. Owh my my my… whenever I think of them, it makes me feel sad.. even nk raya ni kan, NAD risau je.. 2 years back we used to bwk skali kucing blk kg… tp now xbleh da. Sbb dis raya pun NAD xtaw lg raya mane. Huhu. Nnti NAD share eh experience bwk kucing blk raya…~~

Okey la… tu je yg NAD nk share for today.. kalo korg ade nk komen ke ape ke, jgn segan2 k… happy fasting guys..

*kiki kesayanganku ;) *

Thank you for reading ~!

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//angah// said... Reply To This Comment

**dream ur dreams**
..good luck sis...hope u will fly there..middle east...leh kirim ole2..hahhah..;)
++ok lor..raya blh kucing2 tu temankan lor...

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