Tuesday, September 16

opinion needed!

salam n hello gentle readers

i juz wanna seek ur opinion. i fall in love with this new layout. ;)

so which one better guys? the one that i have now or dis flowery layout?

hoho. im so indecisive now. cant think which one is the besssttttt. i love the one that i have now but this flowery layout really caught my attention! *sigh*

this is my new layout for my personal blog. but i think i wanna put it in here. what do u think?
ok im done for today.

*owh.. my lappy da ok.. my pink dell notebook saje nk bermanje je kot mase wat hal tuh. thanks lini for ur concern!*

Thank you for reading ~!

5 thought(s):

//angah/ said... Reply To This Comment

mmm...dua2cntik..yg ado ni nmpk cm neat..yg bunge2 tu cm ceria sket..tp flwer 2 cm xclear jer...maybe view kck kot..mmm..cbe try test tgk.....;)

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

huhu.. nk tgk lg clear, angah click kt pic tu..
tomeeyyyy j layout tu.
ma faveret kaler laks tu, green!
tu yg cm suke jeee..
hehehe ;)

//angah// said... Reply To This Comment

sweet gak ler layout baru tu...i think go 4 it lorrrrr...;)

Lini Aziz said... Reply To This Comment

aku xsuka...
aku xsuka bunga2,,
namapk too lady la dear,..


n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

too lady ker?
ala pe salah nye feminin sket
okey.. kite ikot majority
so far current layout da 2votes. flowery br de 1 vote

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