Tuesday, September 23

new kittens ( part 2 )

Last night kiki had delivered four cutie kittens. So tomeyyy I tell u! They are blacks which undoubtedly not kiki’s fur color. Perhaps they got it after their father which I don’t even know which one. Hehehe but they certainly got some of kiki’s features- pink nose and short tail. This is the 4th times kiki had delivered kittens but none of her kittens alive so far. So I do really hope this time around those cutie kittens will stay alive. It was such a relief; because all this while I’ve been wondering when kiki going to “meletop” as Eid is 7 days away. Sbb nnti xbleh bwk die blk kg. :(

A few days before kiki already gave us signals that she’s going to have her kittens soon. She has started searching for the right place to deliver her kittens, under the bed, in the closet and even in the drawer. So I thought last night was one of her tactic to go into my mom’s room (she has spotted one port in mom’s room) when she ‘ngiau’. But I sensed that it was different. She’s not even ‘ngiau’ but she kept followed me n my bro whenever we go. Based on my experience, I knew exactly that she’s going to have her kittens shortly. Me da mcm org giler, panic where I should put her. Mom had prepared a place (kotak la) for her but it was in mom’s car, n mom was not there at that time. Very the ‘kelam kabut’ situation. I felt sad as well because she kept ‘ngiau’ n I noticed that her belly contraction (like when we as a human wants go give birth, kan pewut contraction kan?). It is exactly like us human... So I just ‘urut2’ die... I can feel that she’s under serious pain which I can’t stand anymore. X sanggup nk tgk kiki dlm kesakitan. Eceh! So me pun pass kan tugas menyambut kelahiran itu kepada faten (my lil sis) as b4 ni pun die gak yg smbut. Me juz tlg sediakan tempat jek. Hehe ; ) B4 I off to bed there’s only 2 kittens but I believe there are more to come. Sbb pewut kiki sgt b00lat n besar taw. N this morning when I wake up for sahur, yeah, I was right! Altogether there are 4 cutie kittens. Heeee ;) I’m happy… those cutie kittens are nameless at the moment but will figure it out soon. Anyone ade idea?? sumthing like tomeeyyyy n short la..

mari tgk gamba kiki & her kittens

Thank you for reading ~!

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BoO said... Reply To This Comment

waaaaaaaaa.....sonoknyer!!kamu dpt brite gumbire ttg kucing kamu di bln puase ni..comeynyer!!!=)

but 4 me..it's totally different one!!sgt sedey!!!sedey nak mati!!i wish if i could give some of ma life to her..i will!!!~

dulu kucing nad,koma kenape??then u put her to sleep la ek???mesti sedey mcm nak giler kan???owh, i cant even imagine it..rase nak meraung jerk!!;'(

an.wardrobe said... Reply To This Comment

erk kucim~~ sayerp takut!! haha

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

xmo sedey sgt k..

nad dlu kucing tu sbb die kne langgar kot. mule2 xtaw, then tgk die diam je.. pstu mcm da nazak xleh mkn sume.
mak bwk g hosp. emergency lg. then hosp yg dkt umah ni kate kne x-ray so g la bwk hosp kt upm. smpai sane doc kate die da koma. so kne bg die mkn ubt tdo smpai kiok la
nad xde mase tu. mak nad je la yg meraung..
nad lg byk kisah sedeh psl kucing ni boo. mati dpn mate pn ade sbb adik reverse kete, langgar!

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

to an.wardrobe.

heee.. nape takut ngan tucin.
tucin comeyyyy la...
heee ;)

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