Wednesday, August 13

olympic 2008

holla guys.

dis one juz a quick one.
juz wanna voice out what i feel inside..
owh no.. juz watch badminton men's double quaterfinal (indon vs msia)
and guess what, msia once again, lost!

adehhhh.. apsal la.. walhal xpnh pn kalah dgn beregu yg ni b4 this.
n kekalahan mlm ni pn agak senang. game sekjap gler.

hurm.. tinggal lee chong wei je esok.
hopefully, he manage to beat sony n finally be a winner.

am not gonna watch his match but definitely
will keep track his score tru live result at the website.
mase kje mane bley tgk tv. so tgk score je la kt website. haha ;)
pls chong wei, kibarkan jalur gemilang!


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