Sunday, August 31

30th August 2008


here is my last entry for this month..
byk sgt nk cite.. tp saya x pandai berkata-kata.
tidak pndai menyusun ayat2 menarik.
thus, my entry become so dull n boring. yeah.. i know that.
i'm aware of it since years ago.. i'm not talented in writing. GOD has not grant me with that kind of talent. but i am what i am. just bear with me if this entry gonna bore you till death. *sigh*
hahaha. ape yg aku merepek nih?? adehhhh

semlm sgt manis utk di kenang.. hehe :)
in the morning we had picnic at lentang. hoho. gurls only this time!
n is not only my D2 girls.. campur ngan kelas lain. dpt kenal dgn kwn baru. weird eh?
we have been in the same building for more than 6 months but yet i still xkenal rmai.
nmpk sgt i didn't mingle that much.

smpai lentang, we had nasi lemak stuffed in our tummy. diet eh?
then tewus terjun dlm sungai.. sejukkkkk! tp best.. but then i rase sumthing kt jari kaki.\
i cube buang by squeeze it dkt batu2 dlm sungai tu. but it stick like glue. ohh no! i da rase xbest. it must be pacat! huaaaaa! i terus suwuh my girls utk buang. but i xtgk pun. i closed my eyes n start screaming like hell! eee yucks! sy sgt geli dgn haiwan species menjalar ni.. xbleh tgk.
then sume stat tgk kt kaki masing2 n guess what! each of them had at least one pacat dkt kaki. haha ;)
sume jerit2 mcm ape je kt situ. starting frm that moment onwards i was feel uncomfortable to mandi manda. every now n then i checked my leg,hand n even my neck. meremang je bulu roma all the time. hahaha ;)

xlame pun picnic tu
then me,wawa n fuzi headed to klcc. we went to tgv and watch death race.
pheeewww! i like dis movie. sgt puas menonton.
then i juz hanging around.. window shops. yeah.. me xbley nk shopping coz budget da lari. weird eh, allowance br msk tp da abis? hahah.. ye la nk byr itu, ini, nk save, duit raya utk cousin lg. haih :(

ingt nk countdown merdeka kt klcc, but then suddenly wawa came out with this idea, we went to tgv once again n watch penelope. haha. movie marathon eh for today. penelope was hillarious! n yeah.. the hero was cute.. comeyyy jek! ;)
then around 10.30pm we decided to go back. mls nk tnggu countdown since ujan n cm xbest jek. smpat la jmpe jep kejap.

the most interesting part is otw back to home i received 1 sms frm him..
yeah.. sms psl ramadhan ni la. ingt nk sm die esk. tup3 die sms dlu.. *huge grin*
kami ber'sms' smpai kul 2 lebey. smpai saya trtdo. haha. sian mesti die tnggu me reply. adehhh
owh ya, he is not my bf ok. he is... hurm.. how i want to describe eh?? dunno la.
but HE is not my bf. that's for sure!
enough la crapping.


here are the piccies ;)

*before taw ade pacat. im kinda excited!*

*pose dlu before balik*


*mamat kt poster ni sgt cute! ;) ~melting~*

Thank you for reading ~!

2 thought(s):

Mee Chee's real name is Farhana. said... Reply To This Comment

huish kakak bergembira sakan...
hehe ;p

last entry?
lol..this blog is belong to u..cite la pape pons sis..even u think it is boring ke least we updated with ur latest thingy...ok?

miss u sis :D

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

tenkiu syggg

ni blog br eh?
br nk bg taw.
mish u la lil sista!

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