Sunday, August 24

m e m o r i e s ;)

nothing special to share.
juz wanna upload yesterday pictures.
yesterday, met my classmate when i was form 2~sharifah. she stay in kuching n gettin married this coming nov!
here is she ;)

heee ;) die sgt slim! sy sgt jeles taw. n she's beautiful!

then, mase nk g solat asar, bumped into my exroomate when i was form 4~hudayu.
owh no.. i can't believe it. after nearly 9years, finally!

ayu~ x berubah lnsung! tetibe je ingt memroy mase sek. owh no.. i missed those days! wish i could turn back time. huhu

yg plg besh skali. saya berjaya mengawal nafsu utk tidak membeli ape2 selain barang yg diperlukan! whoa! big clap to me! congrats nadea ;)
hehehe =)


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z!L@ said... Reply To This Comment

HOHOHO...mcm kenai jer budak2 nih.

bila mau jumpa ha, nadea wei...

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