Tuesday, October 27

Daania Lacey Shawls


Hey uols sesiapa yang suka lacey shawls boleh dapatkan Lubaina Shawls (Daania Lacey Shawls) from me okay... Warna semua cun-cun Iols sendiri pun teruja dan nak borong banyak sebab cepat betul sold out shawl ni... Kalau nak boleh contact iols ye..

WA: 01118761593 OR email me at frzndbizz@gmail.com OR PM/DM at my page @emeraldbuzz OR shop directly at emeraldbuzz.shoppy.my

Happy shopping lovelies !

Daania Lacey Shawls

DAANIA is exclusive georgette with lace shawl.
It drapes beautifully, covering the chest, making it both practical & syariah compliance at the same time.
Material : Premium Chiffon Georgette + Lace.
Measurement (laid flat) : 1.8m x 0.7m
Type : Rectagular (Straight Cut)

** please be informed that colours may differ slightly due to camera flash / computer settings. Stricly no refund/exchange for this product. 

Baby Blue
 Baby Pink
 Silver Dust
 Cotton Candy
 Tulip Lavender

Nota kaki : My personal fav are Vanilla + Paloma 

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