Wednesday, July 11

Snapshots of my Instagram Statistic


 Instagram is one of the must install app for iOS and Android user and statistic is one of my favorite subject during uni. Thus to have a snapshots of my instagram statistic really fun ~!

All snapshots credit to 

My IG certificate. The first photo I posted on instagram. At that time I really didn't know what's the purpose of this app. I just install it after I read Tiz Zaqyah's tweet. HAHAHA. 

I followed Ynaa and was followed by my schoolmate, Wahiza..

Here is the real statistic. I've been posted for about 346 pics, and being followed by 236 Igers and been receiving for about 1742 ♥

It looks like Nemok has gained popularity in my IG. Lawan tokey Nemok ni ! Only one my pic in top 5. Specky me.. Do Igers really like me being specky? sobbsss.

Igers I like most ? HAHAHA. It means I like their pics most.  For nadiamcg & nadnad simply because of their cats piccies, ctdk of course  I'm her fan, yanakhairuddin for her calaqisya, abby abadi for her quote and lynda roslan for her beauty ;))

Nota kaki : I ♥ instagram cause pictures really worth a thousand words !

Thank you for reading ~!

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