Tuesday, October 12

i love lipice


if u are  religiously read my blog then u might have read this entry before. so here goes. as usual i checked my personal email for like everyday and today suddenly i saw this particular email in my spam box!

*sila click untuk tumbesaran*

i was so happy! yet a bit shocked. betul ke ni? oh ataupun its just a spammed? then straight away i hit the lipice fanpage at fb. i click the link provided for the list name of winners. i kept on scroll as i havent seen my name yet. i was thinking that maybe it was really a spam. until i saw at the 100, there you go, my name baby! oh myyyyy.. can't believe my eyes! i'm smiling to ears ^_^ (even when i type this i can't stop smile)

see my name there? heee ;p

then i hit the prize button just wanna know what i'll be getting as  a prize! taraaa! i got RM100 lipice hamper!  yeay!! boleh dapat lipice free. best! it was totally beyond my expectation. sebab my highest rank pun dalam 104 camtu. all my effort is finally paid off. alhamdulillah =D walaupun at 1st i aim for Iphone 3G. heee ;p

can't wait to collect the prize. i just hope i get it before i off for a vacation. ;)

nota kaki : this is the 1st time aku menang join contest. sebab tu happy semacam!! ngee~

Thank you for reading ~!

4 thought(s):

K.I.N.A said... Reply To This Comment

congrate dear!..u r very lucky la..

Latest entry kina-dapat buffered earning ke2 & ke3 ""

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

thank you! i pun tak sangka. rezeki =D

Totin Jamain said... Reply To This Comment

Yeye nadea nak belanja
yeye yeye yeye makan free

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

HAHA ;p belanja guna lipice boleh ke?
ngeee TQ ;))

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