Sunday, July 6

im craving for.....


&& this

what i'm waiting for?
im waiting for the price to reduce further...
haha.. yes. right now it still rm74.90 (remember me) & rm69.90 (thanks for the memories)
price of these two bestseller books will reduce up to rm35.90, but i have to wait la.

rmai org tnye bile mase ko bace buku ni? tau je la i ni kan career woman. wah gitu! haha. i read all these books while im in the train. ye la. everyday naik lrt pegi keje. so dr berdiri smbil xwat ape2 baik lah kite membace kan? membaca kan amalan yg mulia. hehe ;)
so far every mth i manage to grab at least one book. depends la. n for this mth i havnt grab any yet as i still have one book to finish.
so far sy da ade byk collcetion ni. my fav author is
sophie kinsella, cecelia ahern & carole matthews. nanti bile sy rajin & ade mase sy upload pics koleksi sy ok? for now sy sgt mls la. hehe.. ok tu je yg nk share. so anyone wanna buy for me these two books?


Thank you for reading ~!

3 thought(s):

Lini Aziz said... Reply To This Comment

kalau aku kaya--- musti aku beli...eheheheh

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

haha. bkn ko kaya ke lini??
belikan la untuk aku.
heee ;)

//angah// said... Reply To This Comment

nnti da bli bleh pnjm????ahakkssss..;)

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