Saturday, July 26


haha.. since came back frm obs, i can't think straight. my mind is not functioning well i guess. for example today, i went to the knot's engagement at kepong. i shud take star n putra to kl sentral instead of ktm which is so slow juz like siput. but why i took ktm? i seriously dunno. i realize that i have done such a silly mistake right after wawa called me. why? why? why?? the journey suppose to be less than 30min but it took me more than 1 hour to reach kl sentral. that's explain how blur i am.. dlm kepala still terbayang2 xtvt dkt obs.. xsangka effect smpai ke ari ni. agaggaga ;p

oh yea, speaking about obs i still didnt get pictures frm others. so i'll post entry bout that maybe a bit late la. alrite bebeh..
gotta go

selamat bertunang ILA NADIA a.k.a KNOT =)

i got the ob spirit up in my head, deep in my heart,down in my knees & all over me ;)

Thank you for reading ~!

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