Sunday, March 2

typical me

yeah.. juz like i mentioned b4. i'm such a lousy blogger.. fur the 1st week im so eager, i kinda post new entry every now n then. but after a while im getting so lazy in doing so.. but yeah i manage to overcome dat today.. yuuuhuuuuu!!!

actually i have lotsa to put in here.. but my mind kinda stuck. hurm.. last week i had creative thinking skill workshop. our trainer is NICK. i enjoyed myself to the fullest during d workshop. i juz love d class so much. each n every one in d class so supportive towards each other.. wish d moments will last forever.. hehe :) yeah.. i'd learnt so much frm nick. esp new dance. chicken dance!! yeah.. it was hillarious.. u guys shud try it.. then, i discovered what type of person i am.. even i already know frm d beginning. but after attending d workshop its become more clear.. juz like crystal clear... poyo ah! wheee~~ nick gave us so much tips on how to become more positive.. n i already practice sum of d tips.. no more negative thinking.. it works. i become more happy n confident. my confident level increase! alhamdulillah.. hopefully in every class i can stand n shout out my opininon. without juz sitting n wishing dat my name is not being called. hehe :)

okeh guys. i think dis post too long la. so im gonna stop here. will update later.

me n cheah try to be creative. heee =D

me n NICK

Thank you for reading ~!

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