Sunday, March 23

wanted but.....

.. rite now a song from white plain t's called- let me take u there keep on playing in my mind.

finally i manage to jot
something in here. it has been more than 2weeks i wanted to post new entry but days are too busy plus wif my laziness.. muahhaha ;]
so i shall summarise all dat into 1 entry only. shall i?? hehe :)
i wanna share about how careful i am on my exam day, how weird we were went to cosmic bowl by wearing
bj kurung..
then i wanna share bout my journey to
SYiQI's wedding but i fell sick the day after.
the worst fever i ever had beside
dengue. i entitled for 3days mc which explain how bad my fever was. went to clinic twice n been charged for almost RM90. perghhh!!
in fact im not fully recovered yet. still cough n flu which really makes me uncomfortable.
hurm.. but then after too many times delayed, i become so lazy n out of mood to share about it. typical me la.

Thank you for reading ~!

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