Friday, November 8

Emerald Buzz


I've never realize that this is my passion...  Emerald Buzz... Vitabuzz..

HAHAHA camne tah boleh datang BUZZ tu.. Hihi...

It's about time to share what I've been doing with BUZZ recently... 

Actually I just wanted to share/promote/market my online business... I just started last month.. Alhamdulillah.. Everything went on smoothly (so far). Manage to secured a few customers (2 of them  are my friends. Hihi)

I am such a handbag lovers.. Be it the cheap one or the expensive one. Yang beza expensive tu hanya mampu tengok and drooling over it. HAHHAHA. 

Been meaning to venture into business but no action taken. Sebab tak tau nak business apa since I don't have expertise/creative whatsoever to create something on my own.  Nor did I have any experience doing business or money to start.

To cut a long story short,  After a few months searching luckily I manage to find a supplier so here I am with my online business called EMERALD BUZZ. I came out with that name since EMERALD has been my nick name in virtual world since yearssss ago..  BUZZ pulak, actually I wanted to put BIZZ but somehow I felt BUZZ is much more catchy, no? HAHHAHA Maka lahirlah EMERALD BUZZ... 
I'm still green/newbie/noob in this line.. So many things to learn and I need support from family/friends/followers... So be my supporters by LIKE/FOLLOW my FB PAGE/INSTAGRAM.. Will you guys? HEHEHHE

Just a quick introduction about EMERALD BUZZ. I am actually sell authentic and original branded handbag from Coach/Longchamp/Michael Kors/Marc by Marc Jacobs and so on.. Since  my supplier are all the way from USA & Paris so brand from both country boleh di bawa masuk.Ada yang ready stock tapi kebanyakan nya Pre-order lah.

Soon I might want to bring perfumes.. Just gimme time.. HEHEHHE..

So let's follow/like EMERALD BUZZ ! Kalau uols bukan jenis pakai handbag mahal/brand takpe uols boleh cuci mata tengok those pretty handbags kan.. No harm done... heheh

Alhamdulillah... As to date 88 likers dah... Most of them are my friends n family ( of course ! they are awesome people !!)

My Instagram.. Senang sikit nak dapat followers dari sini.. Spam celebrity punya IG je.. HAHAH.. But I don't do it often... Nanti orang marah... Most of my customers are IGERS..

Shaklee Vitabuzz /Vitabuzz is also mine. I promote Shaklee Supplement for this page/account. Email me at for free consultancy and get best price !

Nota kaki :  Semoga Allah memberkati usaha ku ini.. Amin...

Thank you for reading ~!

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