Tuesday, July 28

i adore katie's NOT tom's!

hello peeps!

salam to all muslim...

a week has passed. got loads of things to share yet no time. i spent most of my time farming. yeah. u heard me.. daku berkebun! tak caya? huh. leh tanya kawan-kawanku di fb ok. haha :)
*tsk. ade yang percaya ke nad berkebun?? takde kan? lalalala..

hmmm last sunday i finally comes to my sense- that my hair was not in a good state. i've been neglecting it like ages ago even it grows longer each day and i spent not even a minute to look at it, let alone to do a treatment or whatsoever. so i've decided to cut my hair short! yela mana ade orang potong rambut jadi panjang kan? LOL.

i'm so in love with katie holmes haircut! i was thinking to get my hair done just like her. but i've tight schedule on sunday as i went to jakel for raya's shopping, then fad came over to my house to borrow a book (hey i'm her saviour that day!) so it was impossible for me to hit saloon on that day... but being me who is impatient towards certain thing, i asked my lil sister (who is inexperience) to cut my hair! haha. gile tak sabar cik nad nak berambut pendek! tapi... die pulak yang tak berani.. so she just cut my hair macam biasa.. paras bahu.. well i certainly felt young right after i saw my face in the mirror walaupun tak macam katie.. hehe! sangat best...! dah lama sangat berambut panjang which when i think about it, rasa macam nenek tua! haha. tak nak ngaku diri sudah tua. :(

so this week i will get my hair done for sure!! ohhh can't wait..! well let's see the katie's style that i love so much! here goes..

*she's adorable! *

*am soo00 gonna get my hair like this! even though i read somewhere they said that i have to stay away from this style if i have a full face -as it’ll exaggerate the roundness.. but who cares... plus i'm wearing hijab. no one can see it.. except my family members and my girlfriends! hehehe

so what do u think?
(as if your thoughts matter to me la.. well frankly speaking, it dosen't! haha. don't take it personal. only about this i will not bother your thoughts/comments or whatsoever. but other things surely i need your opinion guys!! )

notakaki: a few days left before im gonna have my nightmare! scary!!! tsk

Thank you for reading ~!

1 thought(s):

Miss Izah Mohamed said... Reply To This Comment

hey babe..
i rase ok je kot..
xkesah laa bentuk muke u cmne pun..
yg penting u puas ati..
klu ad yg xkasi u potong tu sure dia dengki... hihihi

stylo skit yunk.. lgpn, u kn btudung.. bkn nk show off pn kn.. just 4 ur own satisfaction!

i pn sumtimes rase lemas tol rmbut pjg.. nk tdo je tpkse juntaikan sampai lantai.. haha (tu klu pjg cm anak ponti laa.. ;p)

i sokong..! *wink*

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