Monday, October 13

n o t h i n g

yeah.. nothing to share. but since i've promised hani to update bout this, so here i am! hani, u knw wht i meant rite? segan la mau buat entry totally psl tu. heee ;) so i juz upload the pic here which clearly show it. ok la kan than nothing? hehe. ;) btw thanks hani for made my raya more meaningful...

thats all guys.

so sori.. NAD ter sgt la malas nk update psl lain.. nnti la bile mood da okey ye.

take care all.


Thank you for reading ~!

4 thought(s):

penyapubaru said... Reply To This Comment

hye nad..thanks...suitable la with u nad..
p/s u lawa la...eheehehehe

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

heee. ;)
nnti upload lg item2 yg comeyyy yea.

p/s : lor.. mane de lawa. biase jek. hehe

SangPencinta said... Reply To This Comment

he he ... cam nak bagitau jam ngan handbeg raye jerr

n a d e a said... Reply To This Comment

yeah u got it rite sangpecinta. this entry is especially dedicated to hani, not for me to menunjuk-nunjuk ok.

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